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Chapter I - Chiswick Mall, Chapter II - In Which Miss Sharp and Miss Sedley Prepare to Open the Campaign, Chapter III - Rebecca is in Presence of the Enemy, Chapter IV - The Green Silk Purse, Chapter V - Dobbin of Ours, Chapter VI - Vauxhall, Chapter VII - Crawley of Queen’s Crawley, Chapter VIII - Private and Confidential, Chapter IX - Family Portraits, Chapter X - Miss Sharp Begins to Make Friends, Chapter XI - Arcadian Simplicity, Chapter XII - Quite a Sentimental Chapter, Chapter XIII - Sentimental and Otherwise, Chapter XIV - Miss Crawley at Home, Chapter XV - In Which Rebecca’s Husband Appears for a Short Time, Chapter XVI - The Letter on the Pincushion, Chapter XVII - How Captain Dobbin Bought a Piano, Chapter XVIII - Who Played on the Piano Captain Dobbin Bought, Chapter XIX - Miss Crawley at Nurse, Chapter XX - In Which Captain Dobbin Acts as the Messenger of Hymen, Chapter XXI - A Quarrel About an Heiress, Chapter XXII - A Marriage and Part of a Honeymoon, Chapter XXIII - Captain Dobbin Proceeds on his Canvass, Chapter XXIV - In Which Mr. Osborne takes Down the Family Bible, Chapter XXV - In Which all the Principal Personages Think Fit to Leave Brighton, Chapter XXVI - Between London and Chatham, Chapter XXVII - In Which Amelia Joins her Regiment, Chapter XXVIII - In Which Amelia Invades the Low Countries, Chapter XXIX - Brussels, Chapter XXX - “The Girl I Left Behind Me”, Chapter XXXI - In Which Jos Sedley takes Care of his Sister, Chapter XXXII - In Which Jos takes Flight, and the War is brought to a Close, Chapter XXXIII - In Which Miss Crawley’s Relations are Very Anxious about her, Chapter XXXIV - James Crawley’s Pipe is Put Out, Chapter XXXV - Widow and Mother, Chapter XXXVI - How to Live Well on Nothing a Year, Chapter XXXVII - The Subject Continued, Chapter XXXVIII - A Family in a Very Small Way, Chapter XXXIX - A Cynical Chapter, Chapter XL - In Which Becky Is Recognized by the Family, Chapter XLI - In Which Becky Revisits the Halls of her Ancestors, Chapter XLII - Which Treats of the Osborne Family, Chapter XLIII - In Which the Reader has to Double the Cape, Chapter XLIV - A Round-About Chapter between London and Hampshire, Chapter XLV - Between Hampshire and London, Chapter XLVI - Struggles and Trials, Chapter XLVII - Gaunt House, Chapter XLVIII - In Which the Reader is Introduced to the Very Best of Company, Chapter XLIX - In Which we Enjoy Three Courses and a Dessert, Chapter L - Contains a Vulgar Incident, Chapter LI - In Which a Charade is Acted Which May or May Not Puzzle the Reader, Chapter LII - In Which Lord Steyne Shows Himself in a most Amiable Light, Chapter LIII - A Rescue and a Catastrophe, Chapter LIV - Sunday After the Battle, Chapter LV - In Which the Same Subject is Pursued, Chapter LVI - Georgy is made a Gentleman, Chapter LVII - Eothen, Chapter LVIII - Our Friend the Major, Chapter LIX - The Old Piano, Chapter LX - Returns to the Genteel World, Chapter LXI - In Which Two Lights are Put Out, Chapter LXII - Am Rhein, Chapter LXIII - In Which we Meet an Old Acquaintance, Chapter LXIV - A Vagabond Chapter, Chapter LXV - Full of Business and Pleasure, Chapter LXVI - Amantium Irae, Chapter LXVII - Which Contains Births, Marriages, and Deaths.


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