The Missing Prince

The Missing Prince





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In the Preface to my last book I told you that when I closed my eyes I seemed to see hundreds of dear Children’s faces turned towards me asking for a story; and now, as so many copies of that book have been sold, I am bound to believe that not hundreds, but thousands, of little friends, to whom I was this time last year a stranger, are expecting another story from my pen.Some of you may perhaps have seen the very kind things which so many of the papers said about “The Wallypug of Why.” Now I am going to tell you a secret, even at the risk of seeming ungrateful to them. It is this. Much as I value their kind opinion, and proud and happy as I am that my book has met with their approval, I value your criticism even more highly than theirs, and I am going to ask you to do me a great favour. I have had so many letters from little friends about “The Wallypug of Why” that it has made me greedy, and, like Oliver, I want more. So will you please write me a letter too, your very own self, telling me just what you think of these two books, and also what kind of story you want after my next one, which is to be a School story, called “Schooldays at St. Vedast’s,” and which will be published almost as soon as this one is? I did think of writing a story about pet animals, for I am very fond of them; so if you can tell me anything interesting about your dogs or cats, rabbits, or other favourites, I may perhaps find room for the account in my book. 


Chapter I - Pierrot and the Moon, Chapter II - The Party at Sand Castle, Chapter III - Professor Crab, Chapter IV - M.D. and the Doctor’s Bill, Chapter V - The Councillors of Zum, Chapter VI - Mrs. Martha Matilda Nimpky, Chapter VII - A Strange Parliament, Chapter VIII - Oh Ah, the Magician, Chapter IX - The Election, Chapter X - “Kings and Queens Galore”, Chapter XI - What Happened in the Grim Forest, Chapter XII - The Conclusion of the Whole Matter.



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