The Poems and Verses of Charles Dickens

The Poems and Verses of Charles Dickens





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The Village Coquettes’ a Comic Opera 1836, The Village Coquettes, Round, Lucy’s Song, Squire Norton’s Song, George Edmunds’ Song, Rose’s Song, Duet (Flam and Rose), Squire Norton’s Song, Duet (The Squire and Lucy), Sestet and Chorus, Chorus, Quartet, Squire Norton’s Song, Young Benson’s Song, Duet (The Squire and Edmunds), Lucy’s Song, Chorus, Quintet, ‘The Lamplighter’ Afarce 1838, The Lamplighter, Duet from ‘The Lamplighter’ Air — ‘The Young May-Moon’, ‘The Pickwick Papers’ 1837, I. The Ivy Green, II. Christmas Carol, III. Gabriel Grub’s Song, IV. Romance, ‘The Examiner’ 1841, I. The Fine Old English Gentleman, II. The Quack Doctor’s Proclamation, III. Subjects for Painters, ‘The Patrician’s Daughter’ 1842, The Patrician’s Daughter, ‘The Keepsake’ 1844, A Word in Season, ‘The Daily News’ 1846, I. The British Lion, II. The Hymn Of the Wiltshire Labourers, Lines Addressed to Mark Lemon, 1849, New Song, ‘The Lighthouse’ 1855, I. The Prologue, II. The Song of the Wreck, ‘The Frozen Deep’ 1856, The Frozen Deep, ‘The Wreck of the Golden Mary’ 1856, A Child’s Hymn.


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