The Pickwick Papers

The Pickwick Papers





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1. The Pickwickians, 2. The First Day’s Journey, and The First Evening’s Adventures; with their Consequences, 3. A New Acquaintance—The Stroller’s Tale—A Disagreeable Interruption, and an Unpleasant Encounter, 4. Chapter IV, 5. A Field Day and Bivouac—More New Friends—An Invitation to the Country, 6. A Short One—Showing, Among Other Matters, How Mr. Pickwick Undertook to Drive, and Mr. Winkle to Ride, and How they both did it, 7. An Old-Fashioned Card-Party—The Clergyman’s Verses—The Story of the Convict’s Return, 8. How Mr. Winkle, Instead of Shooting at the Pigeon and Killing the Crow, Shot at the Crow and Wounded the Pigeon; How the Dingley Dell Cricket Club Played all-muggleton, and How all-muggleton Dined at the Dingley Dell Expense; with other Interesting and InStructive Matters, 9. Strongly Illustrative of the Position, that the Course of True Love is not a Railway, 10. A Discovery and A Chase, 11. Clearing Up LL Doubts (If any Existed) of the Disinterestedness of Mr. A. Jingle’s Character, 12. Involving Another Journey, and an Antiquarian Discovery; Recording Mr. Pickwick’s Determination to be Present at an Election; and Containing a Manuscript of the Old Clergyman’s, 13. Descriptive of a Very Important Proceeding on the Part of Mr. Pickwick; no less an Epoch In his Life, than in this History, 14. Some Account of Eatanswill; of the State of Parties Therein; and of the Election of a Member to Serve in Parliament for that Ancient, Loyal, and Patriotic Borough, 15. Comprising a Brief Description of the Company at the Peacock Assembled; and a Tale told by a Bagman.


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