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SPSS For You





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SPSS, earlier termed as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, is one of the oldest statistical programs designed to be used in social sciences. 
This software contains powerful tools for automated analysis of data that are used by researchers in every discipline. This book sequentially introduces the reader to the SPSS for Windows and enables them to enter and format data, run the analysis, draw different kinds of diagrams and graphs and interpret data. Each chapter is written in a simple systematic way like a tutorial that guides a learner through a series of exercises, with numerous screenshots showing how the screen should look like at various steps in the process. 

1. Introduction,
2. Spss Data File,
3. Descriptive Statistics with Spss,
4. Charts and Graphs,
5. Comparing Averages,
6. Analysis of Variance (Anova),
7. Correlation,
8. Regression,
9. Chi-Square Test.



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