Social Exclusion and Inclusion of Women in India (2 Volumes)

Social Exclusion and Inclusion of Women in India (2 Volumes)





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Chapter 1 - Social Exclusion of Women in India,

Chapter 2 - Inclusive Strategies for Women Development,

Chapter 3 - Media Depiction and Gender Inclusiveness in Gender-Based Social Violence,

Chapter 4 - Inclusive Society: Vision of Women’s Studies,

Chapter 5 - Health Hazards of Women-Economic Empowerment: Some Issues, 

Chapter 6 - Employment Oriented Programs for Women in Rural Nagpur— Exclusion in Inclusive Policy,

Chapter 7 - Including the Excluded Through Aftercare: The Odishan Experiment and Experience with The Aging out Orphan Girls from the Care Homes,

Chapter 8 - Violence Against Women: A Denial of Human Rights and Dignity,

Chapter 9 - Impact of Gender on Family Planning Decisions,

Chapter 10 - Battle Against Oppression: Feminist Response of Bapsi Sidhwa,

Chapter 11 - An Extensive Analysis on Women’s Education and Women’s Education for Future Prosperity in India,

Chapter 12 - Performative Gender and Technology: Rearticulating The Digital Argument for Women Empowerment,

Chapter 13 - The Effect of Social Exclusion of Women from Development in India,

Chapter 14 - Disaster and Development Communication Among Self Help Group Women,

Chapter 15 - Trends In Crime Against Women in India,

Chapter 16 - Strategizing Alternative Communication for Overcoming Social Discrimination of Women: A Study of the Enabling Practices to Eradicate Witch Hunting in Assam,

Chapter 17 - ‘Is Employment Really Empowering?’—A Study on The Plight of Working Women,

Chapter 18 - Social Exclusion of Transgender Women in India,

Chapter 19 - Strategies for Promoting Gender Mainstreaming,

Chapter 20 - E-Learning: the Tool for Women Empowerment,




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