Peer Management

Peer Management





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All of us conduct our day-to-day life under the influence offriends and foes, who are collectively called peers. Peers arepart of that pressure group from which one has no consciousescape. During our formative years we master two basictechniques of “appease” or “fight” in order to cope with peerpressure. However in adult life these two tools often don’t seeus through as life and relationships are always not dividedinto watertight compartments of black and white. To handleblack and white, grey as well as colourful aspects of peer grouppolitics, we need to sharpen our understanding of psychobehaviouralas well as power game aspects of peership.This calls for peer management skills.Keeping this perspective in mind, this book has beenwritten as a management supplement both for individuals aswell as for the organizations.In fact like HR management, peer management shouldbe made an integral part of management development studiesnot only as a tool for damage control but also as a tool forproper utilization of team spirit and synergy of peer groups atthe work place and in the societal context. Proficiency in peermanagement skills is a must for those who are in the field ofnetworking, communication, creativity, production,marketing, consultancy and politics. 


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