My Reminiscences

My Reminiscences





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These Reminiscences were written and published by the Authorin his fiftieth year, shortly before he started on a trip to Europeand America for his failing health in 1912. It was in the course ofthis trip that he wrote for the first time in the English languagefor publication.In these memory pictures, so lightly, even casually presentedby the author there is, nevertheless, revealed a connected historyof his inner life together with that of the varying literary formsin which his growing self found successive expression, up to thepoint at which both his soul and poetry attained maturity.This lightness of manner and importance of matter form acombination the translation of which into a different languageis naturally a matter of considerable difficulty. It was, in any case,a task which the present Translator, not being an original writerin the English language, would hardly have ventured to undertake,had there not been other considerations. The translator’sfamiliarity, however, with the persons,vi scenes, and events hereindepicted made it a temptation difficult for him to resist, as wellas a responsibility which he did not care to leave to others notpossessing these advantages, and therefore more liable to miss apoint, or give a wrong impression.


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