Make in India : Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Make in India : Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)





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1. ‘Make in India’ and Indian MSMEs – An Overview,

2. ‘Make in India’ and Manufacturing Competency of MSMEs,

3. Impact of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) on MSMEs,

4. Indian MSMEs through Design Clinic Approach,

5. Innovation Readiness and Capability of Indian MSMEs,

6. Bridging the Gap – IPRs in MSMEs,

7. Make in India – MSMEs in Cloud Computing,

8. Business Incubators for MSMEs,

9. MSMEs - The Power House of Global Economy and “Make in India”,

10. Digital Brand-building and MSMEs,

11. Cluster Development and MSMEs,

12. “Make in India” and its impact on Special Economic Zones (SEZs),

13. Total Quality Management (TQM) for Indian MSMEs,

14. Sustainable Environmental Management for Indian MSMEs,

15. MSMEs and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation,

16. “Make in India” – FDI Inflows and MSMEs, 

17. Labour Legislations in MSMEs, 

18. Skill Development – MSMEs – “Make in India”, 

19. Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and Environment Policies, 

20. MSME and Social Security: Issues and Challenges,

21. Make in India and Tribal Economy.



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