Lewis Carroll in Wonderland and at Home : The Story of His Life

Lewis Carroll in Wonderland and at Home : The Story of His Life





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Lewis Carroll discovered a new country, simply by rowing up and down the river, and telling a story to the accompaniment of dipping oars and rippling waters, as the boat glided through. It is not everyone who can discover a country, people it with marvelous, fanciful shapes, and give it a place in our mental geography. But Lewis Carroll was not “everyone”—in fact he was like no one else to the many who called him friend. He had the magic power of creating something out of nothing, and gave to the eager children who had tired of “Aunt Louisa’s Picture Books,” and “Garlands of Poetry,” something to think about, to guess about, and to talk about.If he had written nothing else but “Alice in Wonderland,” that one book would have been quite enough to make him famous, but his pen was never idle, and the world of children has much for which to thank him. How much, and for what, the following pages will strive to tell, and if they succeed in conveying to their readers half the charm that lay in the life of this man, who did so much for others, they will not have been written in vain. 


Chapter I - There was Once a Little Boy, Chapter II - School Days at Richmond and Rugby, Chapter III - Home Life During the Holidays, Chapter IV - Oxford Scholarship and Honors, Chapter V - A Many-Sided Genius, Chapter VI - Up and Down the River with the Real Alice, Chapter VII - Alice in Wonderland and What She did there, Chapter VIII - Lewis Carroll at Home and Abroad, Chapter IX - More of “Alice through the Looking-Glass”, Chapter X - “Hunting the Snark” and Other Poems, Chapter XI - Games, Riddles, and Problems, Chapter XII - A Fairy Ring of Girls, Chapter XIII - “Alice” on the Stage and Off, Chapter XIV - A Trip with Sylvie and Bruno, Chapter XV - Lewis Carroll—Man and Child.



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