Innovation in the Business Harnessing Sustainability (2 Volumes)

Innovation in the Business Harnessing Sustainability (2 Volumes)





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Sustainability is simply defined as "the ability to sustain" or "the capacity to endure". Today sustainability is the future of every society, for today industries and businesses; it is also about commercial success. It is mandated to transform the business to respect environmental limits while fulfilling social wants and needs has become an unparalleled platform for innovation on strategy, design, manufacturing and brand, offering massive opportunities to compete and to adapt to a rapidly evolving world. The change everyone need is to transform markets, specifically on how to produce and consume as well the ways in which we define and measure value and progress.
The big challenge confronted not just for business and economics, but for massive social, political, technological, cultural and behavioral transition to achieve sustainability governments need to set incentives, targets and rules for a level for playing fields, civil society actor to hold us to account and to experiment with new ways of delivering social impact and every business has to take action on their own to reward sustainable business models.
Today’s business transformation can be achieved by the way of innovation, execution, meeting marketing needs promptly and effectively on an international level without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. i.e. successful businesses of tomorrow will be those that lead and create value both inside and outside the walls of the company i.e. managed by both in long -term as well short term measures, developing strategies to balance the competition and cooperation, design and deliver product and services that meet social and environmental needs, shifting to more resilient business models by productive methods, incorporating true costs of environmental and social resources in a transparent and collaborative manner is a sources to competitive advantage of business. To understand simply, sustainable development reinforces all three pillars of development economic, social, and environmental and recognizes that long-term prosperity requires a careful balance between benefits reaped today and ensuring the well-being of people and planet tomorrow.


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