Inclusive Growth in India

Inclusive Growth in India





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The research papers included in this book make a comprehensive analysis on the thematic issues focused within the larger framework of inclusive growth. The recommendations made through this book are expected to influence policy of inclusive growth and development of the marginalized segments in the Indian context. This book is organized in to 47 Chapter, every chapter is addressing the overall theme precisely and fulfills the core issues highlighted. This book is expected to fulfill the teaching, research, policy formulation, programme planning needs of academia, research scholars, students pursuing subjects in the departments of Sociology, Economics, Political Science, History, Social Work, Anthropology, Women Studies, Futurology, Public Administration, Rural Development etc. In addition this book is also expected to assist CBOs, GOs, NGOs, Development Workers, Policy Planners, Social Workers, Consultants etc, engaged in Sustainable Social Development with special reference to Inclusive Growth in Transitional Society.


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