HR Practices : Emerging Trends

HR Practices : Emerging Trends





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1. Competency Mapping and Job Involvement among Hotel Employees in the HR Department,
2. Work Family Conflict and Job Stress among the Married Working Women,
3. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technical Teachers Training,
4. A Study on Relationship Between Work Force Diversity and Employees’ Performance,
5. Does Emotional Intelligence Reflects in Gender?
6. A Study on Effectiveness of HRM Practices in Banks,
7. A Study on Competency Mapping with Special Reference to BPO Sectors, Chennai,
8. Employee Engagement in Organizations,
9. Applying Leadership Theories to Distance Education Leadership,
10. Building Employee Morale: Issues and Strategies,
11. Strategies for Building Employer Brand,
12. Changing Roles of HR Managers,
13. Competency Mapping in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,
14. Competency Mapping for Women Managers in Commercial Banks,
15. Human Talent Forecasting using Data Mining Techniques,


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