Creative Unity

Creative Unity





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It costs me nothing to feel that I am; it is no burden tome. And yet if the mental, physical, chemical, and other innumerable facts concerning all branches of knowledge which have united in myself could be broken up, they would prove endless. It is some untold mystery of unity in me, that has the simplicity of the infinite and reduces the immense mass of multitude to a single point.This One in me knows the universe of the many. But,in whatever it knows, it knows the One in different aspects.It knows this room only because this room is One to it, in spite of the seeming contradiction of the endless facts contained in the single fact of the room. Its knowledge of a tree is the knowledge of a unity, which appears in the aspect of a tree.This One in me is creative. Its creations are a pastime,through which it gives expression to an ideal of unity in it sendless show of variety. Such are its pictures, poems, music,in which it finds joy only because they reveal the perfect forms of an inherent unity.


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