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1. Empowerment – Safety Mechanism for Women, 2. Safety Planning and Designing Mechanisms to Combat Gender Based Violence, 3. Identification of Forms of Abuse and Abusers – A Safety Mechanism for Women, 4. An Analysis of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, 5. Generation Safety Rights of College Students, 6. Contacts of Social Networking Sites on Women’s Self Defense, 7. Knowledge of Women’s Self-Defense and Self-Protection, 8. Study on Girl Child Abuse: Chennai, 9. Forms of Abuse, 10. Enhancement of Safety and Security of Women, 11. Study on the Prevalence of Domestic Violence Against Women in Kothavalchavadi Slum, Chennai, 12. Some Insights into Gender Inequality in the Indian Labour Marketm, 13. Strategies for Enhancing Women’s Safety in Public Spaces, 14. Influence of Self Defense Programme for Adolescent Girls, 15. Violation of Child Rights by Deviant Parents in the Slums and Protective Mechanisms, 16. Sexual Harassment of Women in Sports, 17. Rape Victimization: Consequences, Preventive Approach and Restorative Justice Perspective, 18. Girl Students’ Safety Rights Practices in Co-Education Colleges, 19. Violence Against Women, 20. Domestic Violence and Abuse Against Women in India – An Overview, 21. Women’s Safety in Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 22. Socialization and Securing Children: An Analysis, 23. Empower Women to Rebuild Society, 24. Preventing Gender-Based Violence Through Safety and Security Mechanism, 25. Protection of Working Women Rights - Constitution Provisions and Judicial Approaches, 26. Assisted Reproductive Technology Abuse in Gestational Surrogacy, 27. Need of Life Skill Education for Adolescent Girls, 28. Violence Against Dalit Women: A Study in Selected District of Tamilnadu, 29. Health and Social Consequences of Violence Against Women and Girls, 30. A Study on Women Empowerment and Self-Help Group with Reference to Madurai District, 31. Aspects of Women Empowerment, 32. Protecting Women with Disabilities From Violence in India, 33. Gender Issues: The Role of Women in Agricultural Sector, 34. Women Workers and Perceptions of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in India, 35. Forms of Abuse of Women Village Panchayat Presidents, 36. An Intelligent Security System for Violence Against Women in Public Places, 37. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 38. Consequences of Abuse Leading to Violence in Women and Child – An Analytical Review, 39. Social Exclusion of Differently – Abled Women, 40. Harassment of Women in Public Spaces: Three Case Studies, 41. Socio-Economic Empowerment of Tribal Women – An Indian Perspective, 42. Protect Female Children From Abuse, 43. Safety and Security Needs of Girl Children, 44. Women Tackling Violence in Public Places, 45. Building Safe and Inclusive Cities For Women and Girls, 46. Buildng a Safety Strategy for Women and Girls, 47. Violence Against Women, 48. The Upshot of Sky Yoga Intervention on Emotional Stability and Integrity Among Adolescence at NPTC, 49. Strategies for Adolescent Reproductive Health in India, 50. The Need for Safety and Security of Adolescent Girls in Public Spaces with Special Reference to Ponmalaipatti Area of Tiruchirappalli District, 51. Women Entrepreneurship in India: Challenges and Problems, 52. A Study on the Harassment of Kulal Beedi Rolling Women in Day-to-Day Life and Defence Mechanism, 53. Safety and Security Needs of Women and Girls in Public Spaces, 54. Analysis of Commonly Identifiable Traits and Styles Amongst the 50 Most Powerful Women in Global Business, 55. Preventing Bias in Implementing Women Development Prorammes, 56. A Study on Safety and Security of Women Employees in Information Technology Sector: A Sociological Perspective, 57. Planning and Designing Mechanism for Women at WorkPlace.


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