Research Methodology : For Biological Sciences

Research Methodology : For Biological Sciences





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Research is an investigation in a very narrow field of any branch of science or arts and every field of specialization has its own methodology. This book provides information on the basics of research methodology and on the principles and applications of some important laboratory methods pertaining to biological sciences. The fundamental aspects of research and of a research report have been comprehensively dealt with, which would introduce students and researchers to important basic aspects like literature survey, experimental design, collection and analysis of data, and writing and preparing a research report. The principles and applications of laboratory methods have been explained in a simple manner such that even biophysical principles can be easily understood by students of biology. This book would help the readers to gain a thorough familiarity with the basics of research which would greatly help them not only in the proper planning and execution of their research work but also in the preparation of the report and more importantly in getting it published in a reputed journal or getting it approved for the award of a research degree. 


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