RELATIVITY The Special and General Theory

RELATIVITY The Special and General Theory





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Part I The Special Theory of Relativity, Physical Meaning of Geometrical Propositions, The System of Co-ordinates, Space and Time in Classical Mechanics, The Galileian System of Co-ordinates, The Principle of Relativity (in the restricted sense), The Theorem of the Addition of Velocities Employed in Classical Mechanics, The Apparent Incompatibility of the Law of Propagation of Light with the Principle of Relativity, On the Idea of Time in Physics, The Relativity of Simulatneity, On the Relativity of the Conception of Distance, The Lorentz Transformation, The Behaviour of Measuring-Rods and Clocks in Motion, Theorem of the Addition of Velocities. The Experiment of Fizeau, The Heuristic Value of the Theory of Relativity, General Results of the Theory, Experience and the Special Theory of Relativity, Minkowski’s Four-Dimensional Space,


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