Pratical Zoology

Pratical Zoology





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Where animals live, The Grasshopper, Some inset adaptations, Insects injurious to vegetation, Insects parasitic on domestic animals and man, Other insects that transmit disease germs, Classification in general and of insects in particular, Spiders and other arachnids, The relations of arachnids to man, The myriapoda or centipedes and millipedes, The crayfish, Crustacea in general, The mussel or clam and other bivalves, A land snail and other mollusks, The earthworm and other segmented worms, The roundworms, The flatworms, The Echinoderms, The coelenterates, The sponges, The protozoa, An introduction to the vertebrates, The frog, a typical vertebrate, The lamprey eels and other cyclostomes, The structure and activities of fishes, Some common fishes of north america, The relations of fish to man, The amphibia, The reptilia, The structure and activities of birds, Some common birds of north america, The relations of birds to man, Bird protection, The structure and activities of mammals, The orders of mammals, The relations of mammals to man, The protection and propagation of wild life, The conservation of our natural resources


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