Oliver Twist or the Parish Boy’s Progress

Oliver Twist or the Parish Boy’s Progress





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Treats of the Place Where Oliver Twist was Born and of the Circumstances Attending his Birth, Treats of Oliver Twist’s Growth, Education, and Board, Relates How Oliver Twist was Very Near Getting a Place Which Would Not Have Been a Sinecure, Oliver, Being Offered Another Place, Makes his First Entry into Public Life, Oliver Mingles with New Associates. Going to a Funeral for the First Time, He Forms an Unfavourable Notion of his Master’s Business, Oliver, Being Goaded by the Taunts of Noah, Rouses into Action, and Rather Astonishes him, Oliver Continues Refractory, Oliver Walks to London. He Encounters on the Road
a Strange Sort of Young Gentleman, Containing Further Particulars Concerning the Pleasant Old Gentleman, and his Hopeful Pupils, Oliver Becomes Better Acquainted with the Characters of his New Associates; and Purchases Experience at a High Price. Being a Short, but Very Important Chapter, In this History, Treats of Mr. Fang the Police Magistrate; and Furnishes a Slight Specimen of his Mode of Administering Justice, In Which Oliver is Taken Better Care of than He Ever
was Before. And in Which the Narrative Reverts to the Merry Old Gentleman and his Youthful Friends, Some New Acquaintances are Introduced to the Intelligent Reader, Connected with Whom Various Pleasant Matters are Related, Appertaining to this History,


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