Modern Education : Women and Weaker Sections

Modern Education : Women and Weaker Sections





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The present book work has been entitled New Perspectives in Education as it deals with and caters different emerging perspectives in education. The first part of the book introduces the structure and pattern of Indian education. Part II of the book deals with the pivotal role of ICT in education and consists of the analysis on the need for innovative governance while integrating ICT and education, problems of addiction to social networking sites among schools students in their self esteem, using ICT for language proficiency, importance of ICT in education as perceived by graduate students, role of technology in career guidance, means to enhance the quality and accessibility of higher education through ICT, and ICT educational technologies. Part III deals with the education and empowerment of weaker sections with special reference to tribal women, dalits, marginalized, and excluded children. Part IV deals with women and education and focusing on gender and subject selection in vocational stream of education and higher education, achieving autonomy through education and hence empowerment, intervention education, and literacy campaign for women empowerment. The final part makes an attempt to throw more light on education and development by discussing education and social change, establishing vocational universities, correlate education, youth and unemployment, commercialization and privatization of education, means for removing unemployability by vocational and occupational education being offered at schools and community colleges, and programmes for health education.


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