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1. Introduction to Microbiology, 2. Tools of Microbiology, 3. Fundamentals of Microbiology, 4. Microbial Physiology, 5. Industrial Microbiology, 6. Environmental Microbiology, 7. Food Microbiology, 8. Genetics, 9. Immunology, 10. Medical Microbiology, 11. Biochemical Methodology, 12. Virology. PREFACE :- Microbiological Techniques is designed for the students, to explore the world of microorganisms and how the process of scientific discovery is carried out, with an ease. The study of microbiology is dynamic because of the ubiquitous nature of the microbes and the variability inherent in every living organism. The broad nature of the subject and diversity of topics from the fundamentals to its unique fields can make the way of presentation a little difficult; but it is also a part of what makes microbiology an interesting and challenging subject. The book primarily focuses on the basic microbiological techniques with applications for undergraduate and postgraduate students in diverse area of biological techniques. This book is the outcome of nearly a decade of teaching and research experience. The manual comprises twelve parts in which exercises in first three parts provide sequential developments of fundamental techniques. The remaining exercises are as independent as possible to allow the instructor to select the desirable sequence. Exercises are pursued in a normal scale providing maximum details so that one can perform the experiment independently and safely. The style and simplicity of expression have been our twin objectives. All exercises have been thoroughly tested in our laboratory by our students with wide variety of real talents and enthusiasm. 



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