HISTORY OF THE TAMILS from the Earliest Times to 600 A.D.

HISTORY OF THE TAMILS from the Earliest Times to 600 A.D.





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The Geographical Basis of the Ancient Culture of the Tamils

Intercourse with North India in The Early Ages (Circa 3000–2000 B.C.)

Foreign Trade in Early Times

Rama and South India (c. 2000 B.C.)

The Culture of the Tamils During II Millennium B.C.

The Bhārata Battle

Foreign Trade in the II Millennium B.C.

The Rise of the Āgamas

North India and South India 1000 B.C.—500 B.C.

Foreign Trade: 1000—500 B.C.

North and South India: 500–1 B.C.

Earliest Tamil Poetry Extant

Life of the Tamil People 500 B.C. to 1 B.C.

Foreign Trade from 600 B.C. to 14 A.D.

The First Intrusion of Sanskrit Culture into Tamil Literature

The Three Tamil Śangams

The First Half-Millennium A.D. Life of the People

Foreign Trade in the First Half Millennium A.D

The District of Kāñcīpura



Śōl‥a Kings after Karikāl

Pāṇḍiya Kings

Aryan Ideas in Agam and Puṛam

Śēra Kings

The Eclipse of the Early Dynasties

The Later of the Ten Songs

The Kali Collection One Hundred and Fifty

Remaining Literature of the Age before 600 A.D.

The Welding of the Old and the New



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