Dalit Issues & Challenges

Dalit Issues & Challenges





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This book is a collection of research articles presented at different seminars/conferences. Some references therefore appear more than once as they claim contextual relevance. Hence they are retained. Some of the papers have been published in some journals and in edited books and the modified version is included in this volume. I thank the editors for permitting me to include them in this collection. Dalit has become a burning issue from the beginning of the 20th century, as its existence was mainly invisible so far. Its invisibility is due to the society’s refusal to admit it as social evil and moreover giving credibility for its divine origin. Thanks to the advancement of science and technology that made the people of the world to come closer. Philosophers introduced the ideas of liberty and equality that reached all the corners of the world. People have realized that freedom is above everything; Hence, they have decided to fight to break their chains of slavery/untouchability. The fight for their independence, individuality, identity, self-respect, economic independence is the story of Dalits, registered in this volume. It will not be fascinating or interesting but it helps the readers and researchers to understand the problem and become one with it, in the process of finding some reasonable and possible answers.



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