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Part I Women and Clean India

Changing Rural Women Mindset Towards Sanitation in India

Gender Mainstreaming and Sanitation

Women’s Gendered Experiences of Sanitation Insecurity in India

Mainstreaming Gender in Environment: A Path for Sustainable Development

Women’s Education and Clean India Campaign

Women, The Guardian of the Family and The Society

Role of Women Led Sanitation in Clean India

Part II Swachh Bharth and Social Media

Role of Social Media in the Swachh Bharth Abhiyan: A Critical Study

Part III Swachh Bharat – Social Awareness and Sensitization

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Scheme’s Awareness and Hygiene Practices in Rajavallipuram Panchayat of Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu

Swachh Bharat Mission in Jathigoundanpatti Village in Dindigul District: A Micro Level Study

A Study into Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission) Under Samagra Shiksha in the Government Schools of Delhi

Swachh Bharat: A Step Towards Environmental Protection

A Study on School Sanitation and Hygiene in Government Primary Schools

Challenges of Poor Sanitation in India

Awareness of Personal Hygiene Practices among Girl Students in Sivagangai District

Environmental Acts in India: A Historical Perspective

Tourism Industry towards Clean India - A Study in Kolkata

Swatchh Bharat Scheme in Smart Cities – Initiatives, Progress and Challanges

Mapping Research Output of Waste Management in India: A Scientometric Analysis

Mindset Change Key to Changing Rural Toilet Habits in India

Part IV Clean Economy and Sustainable Development

A Clean India – Essential for Sustainable Development

Her-Story: Environment and Sustainability Practice in India

SBA- Clean India Mission - Environmental Challenges, Issues, Monitoring, and
Controlling Process

Air Pollution and Controlling Measures in India: Current Scenario

Environmental Challenges in Current Scenario

Environmental Issues and Challenges

Environmental Issues in Modern India

Environmental Pollution – Types, Causes and their Effects on Environment

Plastic Pollution and Plastic Ban: Will Tamil Nadu Stand a Chance

Environmental Water Pollution and Controlling Process in India

Global Issues on Environmental Challenges and Solutions

Sustainable Development and Challenges of Organic Farming Practices

Clean Economy and Sustainable Development

Green Marketing and Sustainable Development

Clean India and Sustainable Development

Trends and Impacts of E-Nam in India

Part V Sanitation Issues – NGOs and Constituted Agencies

Human Resource Initiatives in Clean India Campaign

Sanitation Issues and Waste Management

Clean India: A Step Towards Social Responsibility

The Role of Self-Help Group and Environmental Development in the
Society – A Study




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