Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic Spectroscopy





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Events Leading to Quantum Concepts
Atomic Structure and Spectra
The Interaction of Radiation with Matter
Schrödinger Equation Applied to Atoms
Spectroscopic Studies on the Shell Structure of Atoms
Spectra of Alkali Metals and Boron Groups
The Multiplet Structure of Spectral Lines
The Characteristics of Spectra
The Effect of Magnetic and Electric Fields on the Spectral Transitions
Correlation of the Atomic Structure with More than One Electron
Spectral Terms for Neutral and Ionized Atoms
Characteristics of Broadening of Spectral Lines
Effect of Nuclear Spin on Electronic Motion: Hyperfine Interaction
Experimental Techniques in Spectroscopy
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Laser Cooling
The Atom Laser



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