Artificial Intelligence for Research

Artificial Intelligence for Research



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In the ever-evolving field of computer science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront, seamlessly integrating deep learning and machine learning to replicate human intelligence and problem-solving abilities. Today, generative AI extends its capabilities beyond human language, encompassing images, video, software code, and even molecular structures. As the applications of AI expand daily, its potential to analyze vast datasets with unmatched speed and precision is revolutionizing the research landscape, uncovering hidden insights and opening new avenues for exploration.

"Artificial Intelligence for Research" is a comprehensive anthology featuring 12 insightful articles authored by esteemed professors, research scholars, and students. This book delves into various facets of AI, illustrating its transformative impact on modern research.

Mrs. Himani Patel presents a balanced overview, highlighting AI's advantages, disadvantages, and a list of essential AI tools for researchers. Santhanalakshmi and Priyanka shed light on the advancements, opportunities, and challenges in AI research. Yamuna Mundru and Manas Kumar Yogi explore AI's role in eliminating bias during qualitative research, examining current methodologies and future directions.

Vasanthi examines AI's catalytic role in research and its tools, while Rathishesha addresses the use of AI in social research, focusing on challenges and ethical considerations. Dr. D. Suresh Kumar discusses AI's competitive advantage in market research for sustainable business practices.

Mr. Saran G. investigates various AI tools for research, and Dr. A. Vani outlines the challenges and opportunities AI presents. Dr. R. Sarojini and M. Ellakkiya consider future research directions, including AI's role in economics and interdisciplinary research.

The transformative power of AI in fraud detection is explored by Mr. Sujai and Dr. R. A. Roseline, emphasizing real-time transaction monitoring. Dr. S. Kamalaveni and Mrs. R. Anitha highlight AI's application in academic research, detailing tools, features, and challenges.

N. Merlin Malar and Dr. Gireesh Kumar, K delve into AI platforms that enhance listening skills, while A. Angayarkanni discusses AI's impact on education and academic writing. Dr. C. Rajendran explores AI in societal development and employment, with a focus on economics. Dr. S. Srinivasan and Dr. N. Manimehalai provide a conceptual analysis, and Saravanakumar G.S. navigates the future horizons of AI.

"Artificial Intelligence for Research" is an essential resource for academicians, industrialists, research scholars, and students, offering profound insights into the role, significance, and challenges of AI in contemporary research.



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