A Child’s History of England

A Child’s History of England





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Ancient England and the Romans 
Ancient England under the Early Saxons 
England under the Good Saxon, Alfred
England under Athelstan and the Six Boy-Kings 
England under Canute the Dane 
England under Harold Harefoot, Hardicanute, and Edward the Confessor 
England under Harold the Second, and Conquered by the Normans
England under William the First, the Norman Conqueror 
 England under William the Second, Called Rufus 
 England under Henry the First, called Fine-Scholar 
 England under Matilda and Stephen 
 England under Henry the Second 
England under Richard the First, called the Lion-Heart 
 England under King John, called Lackland 
England under Henry the Third, called, of Winchester 
 England under Edward the First, called Longshanks 
England under Edward the Second 
England under Edward the Third 
England under Richard the Second 
 England under Henry the Fourth, Called Bolingbroke 
 England under Henry the Fifth 
England under Henry the Sixth 
England under Edward the Fourth 
England under Edward the Fifth 
England under Richard the Third 
England under Henry the Seventh 
 England under Henry the Eighth, called Bluff King Hal and Burly King Harry 
 England under Henry the Eighth 
 England under Edward the Sixth 
 England under Mary 
 England under Elizabeth 
England under James the First 
England under Charles the First 
England under Oliver Cromwell 
England under Charles the Second, called the Merry Monarch 
 England under James the Second


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