A Budget of Christmas Tales

A Budget of Christmas Tales





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A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens 
The Christmas Babe – Margaret E. Sangster 
A Western Christmas in the Old Days – Mrs. W. H. Corning 
Joe’s Search for Santa Claus – Irving Bacheller 
Angela’s Christmas – Julia Schayer 
The First Puritan Christmas Tree 
The First Christmas in New England – Hezekiah Butterworth 
The Chimes – Charles Dickens 
Billy’s Santa Claus Experience – Cornelia Redmond
Christmas in Poganuc – Harriet Beecher Stowe 
The Christmas Princess – Mrs. Molesworth 
Widow Townsend’s Visitor 
The Old Man’s Christmas – Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
The Christmas Goblins – Charles Dickens 
The Song of the Star – Rev. C. H. Mead 
Indian Pete’s Christmas Gift – Herbert W. Collingwood 
My Christmas Dinner 
The Poor Traveler – Charles Dickens 
The Legend of the Christmas Tree 
The Peace Egg – Juliana Horatia Ewing


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