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Introduction 1. CONDUCTOMETRY Electrolytic Conductance Ohm’s Law Specific Conductance Equivalent Conductance Molar Conductance Determination of Electrolytic Conductance Types of Conductivity Cells Conductivity Measurements Immersed-Electrode Measurements Electrodeless Measurements Applications of Conductivity Measurements Determination of Ionic Product of Water (KW)Determination of Solubility of Sparingly Soluble Salts Conductometric Titrations Determination of Purity of Water Concentration DeterminationIon Chromatography Problems References 2. POTENTIOMETRY Principle Instrumentation Reference Electrodes Indicator Electrodes Analytical Information Advantages Applications Potentiometric Titrations Other Applications Problems References 3. VOLTAMMETRY Polarography Dc Polarography (Conventional Polarography) Principle Faradaic and Non-Faradaic Processes Faradaic Current Non-Faradaic Current Polarographic Wave Charging Current Mass Transport Limiting Currents Polarographic Maxima Instrumentation Potentiostat Electrochemical Cell Two-electrode Polarograph Three-electrode PolarographInert Atmosphere Quantitative Techniques Wave Height–Concentration PlotsInternal Standard (Pilot Ion) Method Method of Standard Addition Pulse Polarography Basic Principle Normal Pulse Polarography Differential Pulse Polarography Pulse Voltammetry at Stationary Electrode Applications Fundamental Harmonic AC Polarography Faradaic Electrode Processes Chronopotentiometry Linear Sweep Voltammetry and Related Techniques Theory for Faradaic Processes Coupled Chemical Reactions Stripping Voltammetry Anodic Stripping Voltammetry Electrodes Theory and Techniques Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry Problems References 4. AMPEROMETRY Principle Instrumentation Amperometric Detection and Biosensors Amperometric Titrations Titrations with DME Titrations with Rotating Pt Electrode Biamperometric Titrations Advantages of Amperometric Titrations Applications Problems References 5. COULOMETRY Controlled Potential Methods Coulometric Measurements Controlled Current Methods Coulometric Measurements Applications


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